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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The natural scenery during spring and summer has to be one of my favorite things about the warmer months. That, and eating watermelon on the porch while reading a good book! Spring and Summer in North Carolina are the absolute best...the southerly breeze and clear blue skies during the day and the warm summer, star-filled nights are pure perfection. 

As the days warm up, I have the freedom to get back into my wash n go natural hair routine without risking getting a cold! This is my go-to hairstyle on the weekends when the humidity is unbearable, and when I don't want to spend hours straightening my hair just for it to poof back up. This past weekend was cloudy and rainy, and it was super quick to do my normal wash routine, add some of the products I love and just go. My favorite products are from the Shea Moisture line. I've  been natural for almost 3 years now and, have over my natural hair journey become more and more confident in my curls and have learned to feel beautiful in my natural skin. I'll be doing a blog post about the products I use in the future so stay tuned! 

This outfit is perfect for both work, church and play. Mustard yellow is one of my favorite natural hues- there is just nothing like it! And chambray is a basic staple that will be sure to go with any and every piece you own in your closet. I've been wearing these Marc Fischer lace up heels with all of my spring outfits and felt like my dollars were well spent adding them to my wardrobe. I promise you'll feel the same way! What are some of your favorite things about the spring/summer season?

Shop my Full Look Below:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hello Spring

Top: Target Neiman Marcus Lela Rose Collection. Jeans: Sevens of All Mankind. Shoes: Nine West via Nordstrom Rack. Watch: Guess. Crossbody: Kate Spade NY. Sunnies: Old Navy. All Images: Danielle Greene.

Hello lovelies! Happy Hump Day! So sorry I've been MIA for the past couple of weeks. I've recently started with a new team and department at work, and I'm in the process of planning a fashion show for this summer so my schedule has been slammed. I'll share more about this later so stay tuned! Thanks so much for understanding and bearing with me during this busy time. Sunday, Mother Nature gave us a little bit of a spring tease, and I took full advantage. There is something sweet and peaceful about a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The parks were crowded with families, dogs, and runners all soaking in the suns rays and fresh, warm air. Sunday was only a taste of all the amazingly, warm weather that is to come and I cannot wait. Light-weight, detailed tanks are an essential closet staple to have during this transition to spring. Tanks like these easily pair with boyfriend jeans, like I styled here or with a lightweight pair of hareem pants. When the weather isn't in the mood to be finicky (which has been rare these last couple of days), it makes picking out the perfect outfit a piece of cake. Are you guys ready for warmer weather? What styles are you excited about wearing?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 min.Quick & Easy Beauty Routine

Today I'm letting you in on a little on of my secrets! A 5 min quick and easy beauty routine, yes those do exist! LOL.  This is for all those on-the-go mommies or for those college students with an 8 am class who just want a few extra minutes to sleep in. I remember those days all too well! This is my go to for the days when I'm just out running errands and want to look natural but more of a put together natural, and not an "I just rolled out of bed" natural. 

  • Primer: I use NYX Photo-Loving Primer. The job of your primer is to prepare your palette (making your skin a smooth surface for the makeup you will be applying) and to ensure that your makeup stays on for the most part of your day. You don't need a lot, a little dab the size of a dime will be just enough to cover your face completely.
  • Concealer: I use the Smashbox Full Coverage Camera ready concealer, which is a little more expensive. This concealer is great! I've had my fair share of trying concealers and the Smashbox brand covers up all my dark spots and blemishes so effortlessly and easy. It's in a roll on tube therefore it goes on really light, and I don't need a ton to cover up those little areas that I have on my face. This is important as it doesn't clump up like other liquid concealer brands, and it doesn't dry your face out. Concealer is much like foundation and should match closely to your skin tone. If not, its okay to go a little bit darker.
  • BB Cream: I use the Pacifica BB cream which I've shared reviews on here. BB Creams are basically a tinted moisturizer which protect, soothe and prime your skin. I love that they aren't heavy like some foundations. Most of the time I forget that I even have anything on! You really have to experiment with different brands, until you find your perfect match. Most BB creams are made to blend well with the skin, and are able to provide you with that clean, finished look which evens out your skin tone
  • All- Over Color Stick: The ELF brand All-Over Color Stick is just a sheer stick which can brighten up those areas of your face that still look asleep after you've done your Morning skin care routine. For me, that's usually my eyes. So, after applying my primer, concealer and BB Cream, I'll roll the Color Stick underneath my eyes kind of on my cheek bones because they are so high lol for a little extra awakening!
  • Blush: Blushes give you that extra pop of color to bring your skin and cheeks all the way to life. I stick with lighter peachier shades, but blush tones fluctuate according to your skin tone. This is the NYX blush color Pinched
  • Bronzer:I don't find it necessary to spend a ton on bronzer. You can buy prestige brand bronzers but the cheaper brands like Rimmel work just as well. I just like to have that extra shimmer and natural skin glow to enhance and finish off my natural look. I use the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer
  • Mascara: I've always been a huge fan of CoverGirl products and I love all of their mascaras. But, CoverGirl Lash Blast is ALWAYS my go to! It doesn't clump, and it really lengthens and accentuates the lashes that I don't have lol. 
  • Eyeliner: I used NYX Pure White Eye Liner in this look to open up my eyes. I have smaller, almond shaped eyes so I apply the eyeliner in the inner part of my eyes to give the illusion that they are bigger than what they really are. It works wonders! 
  • Lipstick: At first thought, you might think that lipstick is a far cry from "natural" and you may want to go with a more nude natural shade. By all means go for it! But I love the way a bold lip can give you that extra umph and can just make all the difference when you running on E, and you just want a little pick me up! This is NYX Butter Lipstick color "Hunk."
Voila! Excuse my messy bun! But, here is the finished look. 5 min! Quick and easy!

I know this post is really lengthy, but I just wanted to be extensive as possible in describing the products and how they work for me! Most products can be found at your local Target or Ulta beauty. Hope you guys can incorporate this into your every day routine!