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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Crop Top Screen Tee: Forever 21. Cut-Off Shorts: American Eagle. Black, Strappy Heels: Candies. Necklace: Old. Clutch: Ross Dress for Less. Bangles: Target.  

Am I wrong for assuming that every girl out there has that perfect, go-to LBD (little black dress) hidden away in the corner of her closet?, you know that one knock-out dress that's tucked away for those special occasions with the beau or as a very last resort wedding dress? Wellll if you don't own a LBD, I'm almost certain you have to own a cute pair of LBS (little black shoes.) I probably own way more pairs of black strappy sandals than is considered normal, but these have to be one of my favorites! They hug my little feet just perfectly, and they give this little shorty a good couple inches of height. Ha! A pair of little black shoes is just as essential as having the perfect, little black dress. When picking out my heels, I always keep comfort, versatility, price, quality and of course, style in mind. What do you guys look for when purchasing your heels? I pairedthese edgy black heels with my jean cutoffs, and rocker crop-top, muscle tee...which y'all know I love so much. I bought this tee a couple weeks ago for the Justin Timberlake concert, which was absolutely PHENOMENAL. Love me some JT. This look is perfect for summer concerts. It's a mix between sophisticated, and edgy. I think the floral kimono gives it a little bit of a boho chic touch, which I'm definitely a fan of. What concerts have you guys gone to this summer? 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reinvention of SAM & LIBBY- Look #1

It seems like its been FOREVER since I've even heard or seen the brand Sam & Libby anywhere! Like ages. Ok, maybe not ages but its been a minute. lol. Anyways, I was on one of my weekly trips to Target when I stumbled upon the recently launched exclusive Sam & Libby collection. The shoe styles are super cute, comfy, stylish AND affordable! They have completely transformed and reinvented the line, which has been around since the late 1980's (see, I knew it had been a minute! lol) and they are slaying the shoe game at Target right now.