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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Black Denim Jeans: The Gap. Animal Print Heels: NineWest. Wool Blazer: Target. Black Top: Nordstrom TopShop. Handbag: Marshalls. Gray Beanie: Marshalls

Although I'm definitely a lover of fun, bright colors and patterns, my closet is full of staple neutral pieces for the winter. The newest addition to my closet is this cozy, wool blazer I picked up this past weekend from Target. I mean, does Target ever disappoint?! Yeah, negative. Also, it was on clearance for less than $20. Target, you are trouble but my wallet is not mad about it. At all. The awesome thing about neutrals is they can easily be collaborated with bolder tones or you can keep it sleek and chic with your basic blacks and grays. I obviously opted for the latter in today's look. Hats are almost always my go-to for whenever I just don't feel like doing my hair, not only that but to me they are very winteresque- making an everyday outfit a tad more cute and cozy. I've been getting my fair wear out of this cozy, slate gray beanie from Marshalls. How do you guys style your winter neutrals?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

White Tee

Tribal Print Skirt: Target. Shoes: Jessica Simpson Julez Heels via Off Broadway Shoes. Clutch: Ross Dress for Less. Watch: Michael Kors. White Top: Guess. Sunglasses: Platos Closet

You've been forewarned before about my love for prints! I just can't help myself. And, I definitely couldn't say no to this tribal inspired print that I snatched up at my local Target earlier this spring. I'd been contemplating what exactly to pair it with. I debated a crop top with the same pattern since 2 piece sets are all the rage this season, but that wasn't quite the look that I had envisioned. This light weight, white blouse was the perfect top. I almost forgot how important it is to have basics, like a plain white tee. I like to keep my basic colors in V-necks for a go-to casual look, or it's nice to have collard tops in your basic colors to give you that crisp, pulled together look. What I love about this white top from Guess, is that it isn't too stiff and boring. The material is extremely light-weight, soft and relaxed. I could easily get away with pairing this top with so many other fits, which is the great thing about basics. So, moral of the story always, always, always! keep basic tees, and camisoles as a part of your wardrobe ;) Enjoy your Thursday loves!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Scalloped Style

Scalloped Romper: Marshalls. Snakeskin Clutch: Target. Floral Pumps: Guess via Off Broadway Shoes. Necklace: Target. Earrings: Francescas Ring: BCBG

This spicy, scalloped romper is pretty much amazing! I love what a scalloped hemline can do to a simple article of clothing. A scalloped hemline is much more playful and gives that particular article of clothing, whether it be a pencil skirt, or crop top just a little bit more umph and detail than a straight lined hem. For me, summer is all about bright, and bold colors! It's the perfect way to show off that summer glow! Shades of corally reds, cobalt blues and hot pinks have been my favorite for this summer! And you can't go wrong when you get to combine all of your favorite summer colors together in one gorgeous pump! Aren't they adorable?!! Since the romper is bold but still maintains one basic color throughout, these shoes are the perfect way to set off the color and add a little bit of personality to your outfit! How do you guys feel about the scalloped trend this summer?


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Inspiration: Gifts under $60

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: $54. Target Women's Xhilaration Double Wrap Analog Watch-Mint: $15.  Target Xhilaration CrossBody Handbag in Coral: $25. Target Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Lakitia Sandals Assorted Colors: $20. Rosanna Rue Du Bac Assorted Coffee Mugs in Grey-and-White from $55. Philosophy French Vanilla Bean Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath: $17.
I'm so grateful that my mom and I have such a great relationship and I can't wait to spoil her this Sunday. Mothers are everything, and they should be celebrated everyday! Here are a couple of items under $60 that I think most moms would enjoy! Hope that you find this helpful in your search for the perfect Mother's Day gift. 


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Maxi Dress: Target. Blush Pink Motto Jacket: Thrift Find. Emerald Green Heels: Jessica Simpson 

I can always count on Jessica Simpson for the cutest, most stylish and colorful pair of heels anytime of the year! These Emeraldish green heels were a New Years Eve outfit purchase, and I've been rocking them ever since then. They are the perfect shade for spring, so I'm sure I'll be getting my wear out of them and you'll be seeing them a lot on the blog! lol Although some mornings have still been chilly, the weather is finally starting to consistently warm up. Maxi dresses are my go to for spring/summer outings with friends or perfect for a day in corporate America. Me and funky patterns are best friends. I love them. Of course, this cute little number is from Target! This dress is one of many pieces that I've snatched up from their Spring line. This blush pink motto jacket, which I also styled here is perfect for those chilly mornings, and completes the look with a little bit of a flirtatious edge. How do you guys feel about patterned maxi's? 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Florals & Fringe!

The weather has been so crazy here this year. Last Sunday, it was 70 degrees, and then temps went down again Tuesday and the high was only 40. Can we please get some consistency?! lol. This has been the strangest winter/spring? ever. I don't even know what season we're in. But, its supposed to get back up in the 70's this weekend. I'm praying, wishing and hoping that the warm weather is here to stay...FOR GOOD. 

With spring right around the corner *fingers crossed*, I'm really excited to be rocking florals. I haven't ever been much of a flowery print type of girl, but the trend is quickly growing on me! Especially after purchasing this floral print kimono with fringe. You can easily pair floral print with bright solid hues, or can even attempt to pattern mix if you're brave enough! 

 Kimonos and sweater shrugs can effortlessly be dressed up or down. Because I work in corporate America, I like to have the versatility and option of doing both which makes for more ways I can style an outfit. The fringe detail gives the look a little bit of a softer, flirty edge. I paired it with this electric blue midi skirt I got from Forever 21 on Black Friday. Only $5! So I snagged it in this electric blue as well as a deep, burgundy wine color. 
Foral Print Kimono: Marshalls. Electric Blue Midi Skirt: Forever 21. Red, chunky necklace: Francescas. Black Pumps: Target- Sam & Libby Dahlia Spiked Heel. 
I love the comfort and length of the midi skirt! The midi gives you that perfectly fitted silhouette and is also appropriate in length making it a piece that you could get away with in corporate America or for any event where you need to be dressed with class. I've been getting great wear out of my Sam & Libby Dahlia Spiked Heels! They are my absolute favorite little black pump right now. You can check them out here
This will only be the beginning of my floral print Spring collection and I can't wait to add more fun pieces! How do you feel about florals? Will you be rocking them this spring?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 min.Quick & Easy Beauty Routine

Today I'm letting you in on a little on of my secrets! A 5 min quick and easy beauty routine, yes those do exist! LOL.  This is for all those on-the-go mommies or for those college students with an 8 am class who just want a few extra minutes to sleep in. I remember those days all too well! This is my go to for the days when I'm just out running errands and want to look natural but more of a put together natural, and not an "I just rolled out of bed" natural. 

  • Primer: I use NYX Photo-Loving Primer. The job of your primer is to prepare your palette (making your skin a smooth surface for the makeup you will be applying) and to ensure that your makeup stays on for the most part of your day. You don't need a lot, a little dab the size of a dime will be just enough to cover your face completely.
  • Concealer: I use the Smashbox Full Coverage Camera ready concealer, which is a little more expensive. This concealer is great! I've had my fair share of trying concealers and the Smashbox brand covers up all my dark spots and blemishes so effortlessly and easy. It's in a roll on tube therefore it goes on really light, and I don't need a ton to cover up those little areas that I have on my face. This is important as it doesn't clump up like other liquid concealer brands, and it doesn't dry your face out. Concealer is much like foundation and should match closely to your skin tone. If not, its okay to go a little bit darker.
  • BB Cream: I use the Pacifica BB cream which I've shared reviews on here. BB Creams are basically a tinted moisturizer which protect, soothe and prime your skin. I love that they aren't heavy like some foundations. Most of the time I forget that I even have anything on! You really have to experiment with different brands, until you find your perfect match. Most BB creams are made to blend well with the skin, and are able to provide you with that clean, finished look which evens out your skin tone
  • All- Over Color Stick: The ELF brand All-Over Color Stick is just a sheer stick which can brighten up those areas of your face that still look asleep after you've done your Morning skin care routine. For me, that's usually my eyes. So, after applying my primer, concealer and BB Cream, I'll roll the Color Stick underneath my eyes kind of on my cheek bones because they are so high lol for a little extra awakening!
  • Blush: Blushes give you that extra pop of color to bring your skin and cheeks all the way to life. I stick with lighter peachier shades, but blush tones fluctuate according to your skin tone. This is the NYX blush color Pinched
  • Bronzer:I don't find it necessary to spend a ton on bronzer. You can buy prestige brand bronzers but the cheaper brands like Rimmel work just as well. I just like to have that extra shimmer and natural skin glow to enhance and finish off my natural look. I use the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer
  • Mascara: I've always been a huge fan of CoverGirl products and I love all of their mascaras. But, CoverGirl Lash Blast is ALWAYS my go to! It doesn't clump, and it really lengthens and accentuates the lashes that I don't have lol. 
  • Eyeliner: I used NYX Pure White Eye Liner in this look to open up my eyes. I have smaller, almond shaped eyes so I apply the eyeliner in the inner part of my eyes to give the illusion that they are bigger than what they really are. It works wonders! 
  • Lipstick: At first thought, you might think that lipstick is a far cry from "natural" and you may want to go with a more nude natural shade. By all means go for it! But I love the way a bold lip can give you that extra umph and can just make all the difference when you running on E, and you just want a little pick me up! This is NYX Butter Lipstick color "Hunk."
Voila! Excuse my messy bun! But, here is the finished look. 5 min! Quick and easy!

I know this post is really lengthy, but I just wanted to be extensive as possible in describing the products and how they work for me! Most products can be found at your local Target or Ulta beauty. Hope you guys can incorporate this into your every day routine!