Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Gray Bootie

Oxblood Leather Skater Skirt: Five 13 Studio. Fringe Top: Marshalls. Grey Booties: Aldo Shoes. Champagne Studded bag: Ross Dress for Less

It's official like a referee whistle! lol FALL IS HEREEEE!! Hip Hip Hooray! Time to pull out all my chunky sweaters, booties,and my favorite oxblood leather skirt from Five 13 Studio. I also wore this skirt here, but decided to dress it up this time around. These little gray booties are absolutely to die for, and the best thing about them is I got them for a steal last Black Friday at Aldo. You will be seeing them a lot this fall on the blog. Leather pieces are key for edging up your fall wardrobe. I'm on the look out for a black leather midi for work. What I love about about this oxblood leather skirt is that it isn't your plain, black leather skirt. The tone and hue of the oxblood is perfect for fall, and can easily be paired with other neutral fall colors to really set it off. Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of the year, besides Christmas. I've been indulging in lots of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and my amazingly, delicious homemade chicken tortilla soup. What have you guys been doing to celebrate the first day of fall??



Monday, September 22, 2014

Blush & Bliss- A Romantic Rendezvous at the Biltmore Estate

Last Sunday, I had the honor and opportunity to play creative director and stylist at a friend's engagement photo shoot. Audrina and I have only been friends for a couple of months but it's clear as day that the Lord brought us together. I'm thankful to have another friend in Christ who encourages and uplifts me, and holds me accountable. Not only is Audrina absolutely stunning on the outside, but her spirit is welcoming, genuine, warm and contagious. We sat down for brunch a couple of months ago as complete strangers and left feeling like we had been friends for years. The way the Lord brought us together is a testament to His faithfulness because at the time I had been praying for more Godly friends. We had SO many things in common including our love for food and trying new restaurants in the Charlotte area, hiking, fitness, fashion and more with our faith being at the core of it all, and it could not have been more perfect timing. 

Jonathan and Audrina got engaged a month ago. I was honored to have been apart of the big surprise. He put much thought and careful attention into the night, proposing at the same salsa dance studio they both met at months before. All of Audrina's friends and family from all over flew in to witness Jonathan getting down on one knee. That moment, was the beginning of many special moments that Audrina and Jonathan will share for a lifetime.

Sunday morning at the Biltmore Estate was absolutely magical. When Audrina asked me to play her stylist for the shoot yall know I was SO excited!! She told me of how she wanted to incorporate her wedding colors which included soft, blush pinks, and neutral tones and my mind was suddenly overloaded with ideas to really make the pictures come to life, not only with their outfits but with bringing out the love the two share. My vision: Blush & Bliss- A Romantic Rendezvous at the Biltmore Estate, and that day was just that and MORE! Aurelius photographed all of these amazing images, and yall when I say this guy is one of the most dopest creatives I've ever met I am not lyin! He is amazing and just an all around gentlemen and nice guy.You can check his work out here. It was great getting to work with him. Visitors at the Biltmore all admired Jonathan and Audrina- they were captured by the couples love and also how amazing they looked that day. Thank you Audrina for giving me the opportunity to do what I love the most. 

Hope you guys enjoy these stunning photographs!

Salmon Pink Mens Blazer:  Belk. Khaki Pants: Burlington Coat Factory. Mens White Collard Shirt: Michael Kors via Burlington Coat Factory. Creme Lace Dress: Ross Dress for Less. Glitter Peep Toe Pumps: Old via Audrina's Closet.

Men's Tuxedo:  Burlington Coat Factory. Champagne Glitter Gown: Group USA.

I'd love to style your next engagement photo shoot or special occasion. If you're interested, please email the address underneath my Contact Me tab. Enjoy your Monday! 



Sunday, September 14, 2014

More of YOU Mondays: Seasons Change

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Am I the only one who thinks there should be 4 days in the weekend?! lol one for cleaning, one for going out and having fun, one for running errands and one for rest- ahh that would be absolutely amazing!! But I digress, because let's be real- that aint eva gonna happen. Anyways! I, along with everyone else I know is super excited for the fall season. With fall quickly approaching, there is so much chatter about pumpkin spice lattes, the cool air, the foliage, the fashion...EVERYTHING! Football is back and all of America has fall fever. It's always an exciting feeling when you know a new season is coming. New seasons not only apply to our lives in the physical sense, but they also apply to our lives in the literal sense. 

Our lives are full of different seasons. Sometimes God is opening doors left and right, other times it feels like he keeps saying no, or slamming the door in your face, there are dry seasons, joyful seasons, and the list goes on. I strongly believe that seasons are purposefully meant to build us up in the Lord and keep us not only on our toes but also on our knees. They keep us rooted in our faith and develop our trust in the Lord. I'm grateful for the seasons. Many times I don't understand why the Lord is taking me to a certain place, or why he tells me no/ or not now but it's my job as a believer to not ask questions and to just trust. Look at seasons of change in your life as exciting moments! Even though things aren't the way you pictured they would be- you don't know what is coming next, and that's the thrill of life! It's mysterious, and you can find joy in every moment knowing that God is always by your side. To be close to the one who does know what's coming next makes the ride peaceful and exhilarating because His plans far outweigh anything you could ever think or ask. Just marinate on that for a little bit. God is good! Trust. Believe.Live. 

Enjoy your week lovelies!



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Blues

Ombre Denim Top: Platos's Closet. Distressed Denim Pants: Ross Dress for Less.  Booties: Platos Closet. Statement Necklace: Versona. Bag: Ross Dress for Less.

Hiiii guys!! My apologies for getting ghost on y'all the past week and a half! Work has me completely slammed and I'm still trying to get a good feel of how to balance my blosomming career, personal life, necessary quiet time and the blog all at the same time and it's been quite the task! To be completely honest, most days when I get home from work all I want to do is work out, cook a nice meal and then crash. Andddd I've definitely been doing that the past week and a half. But, I assure you I will be posting a least twice a week on a more regular basis in the future. After all, this is my outlet and my way to share what the Lord has been teaching me (More of YOU Mondays, which you can find here) and also share my love for finding cute pieces and styling them into a unique look. 

I got the chance to meet with Arlene Goldstein, the VP of forecasting trends at Belk and omg, she is the sweetest lady I've ever met! We chatted about my career, and of course we talked a lot about FASHION! Fall fashion in particular. One of my favorite fall trends is definitely the simple, yet chic denim on denim combo. What's so great about the denim trend, is that everyone owns denim so it's a look that you can definitely just walk into your closet and put together without having to worry about going to buy something completely new. You can make your denim pop with a bold shoe, or statement jewelry. I was so excited to bring out my little booties! Which I scored for $12 at Platos Closet. Yes, WIN! You definitely want to have a signature denim pant, booties, and statement jewelry as statement pieces for this fall. Those are a couple of trends that will definitely be popular this fall. Stay tuned for more of my talk with Arlene and what will be trending this fall!